Euclidean Skies is a mind-altering puzzle adventure with augmented reality mode.

It builds on the success of Euclidean Lands, with gameplay completely twisted around, gorgeous graphics, smooth shadows, floating castles and scary foes.

"Sterling example of the quality mobile gaming"
"Holy moly that looks awesome"
Touch Arcade
"Quality puzzle game"
Hardcore Gamer
Fight enemies, solve puzzles, and immerse yourself in surreal world of Euclidean Skies!
Euclidean Skies has 50 hand-crafted levels, each featuring worlds filled with surreal architecture, clouds hovering around, birds responding to player actions and thousands of possible solutions.
Long gameplay time, replayabity, unforgiving difficulty and more mature visual style are targeting more hardcore players, looking for a challening puzzle game to play.
Entire game is a single camera experience with no loading times, and it has also the best levels from Euclidean Lands as a bonus,to ease new players in, plus infinite proceduraly generated levels.

Each level is a surreal composition working on its own.

Rotate enemies out of your way to victory1!

You can also play several levels from Euclidean Lands.

Fight fierce bosses!

Enjoy challenge with infinite procedural levels.

Each enemy has a distinct abilities.

Later stages are extremly complex, multilayered puzzles.

Fight in the clouds!

Explore surreal architecture.

Don't panic and you'll be victorious!

Design language blends medieval and futuristic design trends.

Several chapters with different styles awaits.

Euclidean Skies presents the ultimate puzzle challenge for hardcore players.
Get in now for iOS and Steam!
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